Adding a GA4 Measurement ID to the Online Booking & eCommerce Portal

Adding a GA4 Measurement ID to the Online Booking & eCommerce Portal

Your new Online Booking & eCommerce portal is pre-configured for Google tracking using your GA4 management ID. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the latest version of Google Analytics, and it offers a number of new features and benefits over the previous version, Universal Analytics.

One of the new features in GA4 is the use of a management ID. A management ID is a unique identifier that you can use to track web traffic from external sources. This can be helpful if you want to track traffic from your social media pages, email campaigns, or other external websites. If you aren't familiar with the upcoming changes to Google tags and the discontinuation of the universal analytics property on July 1, 2023, read this information from Google

To use a management ID, you will need to first create one in your GA4 property. Click on "Create Property" and, in this example, we will name it "Online Booking." Follow the prompts to set up your property. 

Next, select your goals for the Property. In this case, we want to Generate Leads & Examine User Behavior. 

Next, input the domain of your Online Booking home page. The actual domain will look something like this:
You must remove the HTTPS:// and the ending slug to save it. It should be ONLY:

This will generate a Google Measurement ID specific to the web traffic to this site. This is the ID you will want to copy and paste into Aesthetic Record. If you have your primary GA4 ID in there be sure to delete it and replace it with this new one!

Click copy, and head back to Aesthetic Record to paste. Go to Appointments > Smart Configuration > Booking Portal > Web Configuration and paste your new measurement ID and click Save. 

Once you save, you will be able to head to your Online Booking page and see the Google ID within the body of the page. 

You will be able to see web traffic soon after you add your GA4 ID. Head to the Reports section, and you can assess the traffic based on the business objectives we previously set up! From here you can start to measure behavior and conversions based on the pre-defined actions we've setup on the page

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