Adding Users to Your Aesthetic Record Account

Adding Users to Your Aesthetic Record Account

Adding a User

In order to add a new user to your AR account follow the steps below: 
  1. Login via web
  2. Go to Settings 
  3. Click Teammates > Users > Create User
  4. Enter in the details of the new user you want to add: 
    1. IMPORTANT: If this user is tied to another AR workspace (another Practice)  then you will only enter in their email address. If this is the first time the teammate will have used AR, enter in their email and their cellphone number. They will be required to enter in an OTP code upon accepting the invitation. 
    2. The user will receive an email to accept the invite. Please ask them to accept the invite.
    3. When the user accepts the invite they will create a password.
    4. If they are a user of another AR workspace, they will accept the invite and then enter in their OTP code and their current password for that AR workspace. 
    5. PLEASE NOTE: The user will be able to go back and forth between AR workspaces. However, there is NO connection between the Practices in which they belong. It's simply an easy way for that user to remember only 1 login and be able to toggle back and forth.  

Removing or Deleting a User 

  1. Login via web
  2. Go to settings 
  3. Click Teammates > Users > Edit User
  4. Click Inactivate 
    1. IMPORTANT: You cannot edit a current user's profile; the system does not allow you to change the name and email. Also remember, a profile MUST be unique to each person. If an employee is no longer with your practice you must inactivate them. To add a new hire you will follow the steps above. To reactivate an inactive user, click Users > Inactive, find their name, and click "Activate."

Editing a Password For A Current User

Only the user can edit their own password. To do so, the user will go to Settings via web. 
  1. Click on Your Profile
  2. Choose "Change Password" 
  3. Enter in your new password and hit save 

Resetting Your Password 

To reset your password go to and hit forgot password. 

Watch an Overview of Adding Users (8 min)