Building Inventory Variations

Building and Using Pricing Variations

Pricing Variations 

Pricing Variations are a great way to create recipes that contain product and medical supplies into one treatment. 

Variations can also be used as a method to create an “alias” for a product or service from an invoicing perspective. 

For example if you offer IV’s at your clinic you could build a recipe that includes the medical supplies, and the name of the service and give it a set price. The benefit here, is that medical supplies won’t be shown on the invoice but they will be deducted from inventory. 

Another example would be a toxin treatment offered by different providers, each giving a different price but it needs to pull from the same bucket of botox from a stock perspective. You could choose the option “at product level” and then enter your price per unit. Botox with Dr. Smith = $15/unit. 

A third example would be an alias. Maybe you offer a liquid face lift, and that is the name of the service that you want to show on the invoice. You would add all types of filler you would potentially use for that service, and the name would be liquid face lift. You would also give it a set price, so no matter how much product you use it is always X price. 

To get started make sure that you have added all your different inventory items in first. 

Next, click on inventory, Pricing variations. 

Hit Create

Name your variation 

Choose product level or recipe 

If you chose product level, enter in the name of your product, the price per unit and hit save.

If you chose recipe, click on the service bucket, and add your products in. Follow the same process for retail items, and medical supplies. 

You will now need to add in a price per unit, and choose a color. 

Hit save once you are done. 


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