Compass with Clearent

Compass with Clearent

Once you are approved, you will be sent an email invitation to create an account for Clearent. The two sites they will use as customers “merchants” are the following:

Click here to learn more about the Virtual Terminal!

Compass differs from the VT by allowing practices to see their batches (both open and closed), transactions, funding (deposits), chargebacks (disputes), in addition to their statements and tax forms. 

Compass landing page
  • Please note that each batch is all transactions run in a day before processing fees are taken out. Funding (deposits) will reflect transactions with the processing fees taken out. 
  • Customers are on a two business-day payout.
  • If a customer (merchant) receives a chargeback, the merchant will receive an email and physical letter from Merilink their patient’s card issuer. The merchant will need to respond in the allotted timeframe to fight the disputed charge(s).

The link to have access to this is a secure link and is only valid for 5 days. If you need a new invitation, please reach out to our Chat Support to have an invite sent!