Conduct a Fitzpatrick Skin Type Test

Conduct a Fitzpatrick Skin Type Test

Fitzpatrick Skin Type is a system that categorizes skin types based on the shade and coloring of the patient's skin, as well as their skin's reaction when exposed to sunlight.

The skin type test allows you to evaluate the patient's current skin condition, as well as their overall risk of skin cancer.

Important note: This can only be done from the iPad app.

To conduct a Fitzpatrick Skin Types test on the Aesthetic Record app, follow these steps:

1. Log to your Aesthetic Record account on the iPad. 

2. From the main menu, tap on Patient List.

3. Tap on the patient profile that you want to test.

4. Under Cosmetic Timeline, select the Skin Type tab on the right

5. Tap on Test Now if this is the patient's first test. 

6.  If the patient has never taken the test, a list of questions will show up here. Ask them for their answers and enter them into the app. When all questions are answered, hit Save.

The app will conduct the test based on the answers provided and add the results to the patient's profile under Skin Type.

7. For patients who have done this test before on Aesthetic Record, the Test Now button will be replaced by Retake. You can also find the result of their previous test here. Tap on Retake if you want them to take the test again. Simply follow the directions in step 6 to complete the test.


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