Create a Health Timeline Procedure

Create a Health Timeline Procedure

Create a Health Procedure via App

Log in to your account via the AR app. Tap the bubble icon in the bottom right, then the magnifying glass icon above it. Type in the patient's name in the search box. Once you see the patient's name, hit it.

From the patient's timeline, hit the plus sign in the top right and then select Health.

Select the appointment you want to attach to the procedure. If the client hasn't booked an appointment, you won't be able to select anything here. You can still proceed with the procedure without an appointment booked through AR by hitting Next in the top right.

Important note: If you attach an appointment to the procedure, the forms (attached to the service) that were completed by the patient via their patient portal account will also be attached to the procedure.

Here you can also select provider and the clinic's name.

From this page, you'll write the Chief Complaint or the name of the procedure, and then below, you can add in the procedure notes.

If you have dot phrases added to your account, simply hit the period on your device's keypad and a list of your dot phrases will show up.

Once you're done, hit Next in the top right.

On the next page, choose the consent form you want the patient to sign. If the patient has already signed the form from the patient portal, a blue check mark will appear to the left of the consent title. If you want them to sign a consent, highlight the consent and click sign at the top right.  Once the consents are complete, simply hit Next in the top right.

After signing the consent form, the patient can now complete the questionnaire. Select from the list.
If the patient has already signed the form from the patient portal, a blue check mark will appear to the right.  If not, you can highlight the questionnaire you want them to fill out and simply hit Save & Fill in the bottom right. 
Keep in mind, you will only see your HEALTH TIMELINE Questionnaires (your cosmetic questionnaires will not appear in a health procedure.)
Once you are done, click Save & Exit.
*You can also favorite a questionnaire by tapping the blue flag.  Once favorited, it will always appear at the top of your list

To view the completed paperworks, tap on QUESTIONNAIRE or CONSENT.

To create and send a prescription to a pharmacy via email/fax, hit PRESCRIPTION.

To add traceability information, click on TRACEABILITY.

To charge the patient, tap on TAKE PAYMENT.

To add more, edit, or delete a note, hit NOTES.


Create a Health Procedure via Web

It is much easier and more effective to add a new procedure from the iPad.

  1. Click Clients (or patients) at the top navigation menu.
  2. Click on the client
  3. Click on CREATE PROCEDURE and select health.
  4. Fill in all the required fields.
    1. Start by filling in whether the procedure is tied to an existing appointment. NOTE- if an appt was not scheduled you can skip this!
    2. You can choose any questionnaires you have set up on Aesthetic Record and answer them right on the page by clicking Save & Fill Questionnaire in the bottom right.
    3. You can choose any consents you have set up on Aesthetic Record.
  5. Click SAVE & EXIT.

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