Create a Procedure

Create a Cosmetic Procedure

Adding a new procedure is easy with the Aesthetic Record app on your iPad device. The app is designed to automatically pull all relevant information from your appointment and inventory settings to populate various forms and options, meaning you won't have to go back and forth to fetch the necessary data for your procedure.

Note: You have to set up your product inventory and pricing in the inventory settings before adding a new procedure to your client profile.

In AR, you can create either a Cosmetic or Health procedure. Choose Cosmetic if the service requires photos and injection markings (botox, fillers, etc.). Select Health if the service doesn't require photos and injection markings (IV therapy, weightloss management, etc.), or if it's a virtual service.

Create a Cosmetic Procedure via App

Log in to your account via the AR app. Tap the bubble icon in the bottom right, then the magnifying glass icon above it. Type in the patient's name in the search box. Once you see the patient's name, hit it.

From the patient's timeline, hit the plus sign in the top right and the tap on Cosmetic.

Choose a body part from the Procedure Type menu where you will be taking procedure photos to proceed (select Face if the service is Botox). 

Select the appointment you want to attach to the procedure. If the client hasn't booked an appointment, you won't be able to select anything here. You can still proceed with the procedure without an appointment booked through AR by hitting Skip in the top right.

Important note: If you attach an appointment to the procedure, the forms (attached to the service) that were completed by the patient via their patient portal account will also be attached to the procedure.

Select the Provider Name and Clinic Name. If you need to change anything, tap on the provider or clinic's name..

To Add A Medical Questionnaire, select the appropriate questionnaire and go through the questionnaire with your patient. If you see a check mark next to a questionnaire, this indicates it has been completed.

*If you need your client to do the questionnaire by themselves, while you're on the questionnaire window, tap on the lock icon to lock down your iPad and hand it over to your client. This feature is especially important for HIPAA compliance. Once the questionnaire has been answered, tap Save
Click Next in the right corner to move to the next step.

Select the consent(s) for the patient to sign. Once consent(s) have been selected, Click Sign in the right corner. Just like the questionnaires, you may lock your consent form to pass your device to your patient. After the patient has reviewed your consent, Click Sign in the upper right corner. The patient will receive a signature box to sign.

To upload before photos, hit the plus sign inside the box and then hit Take Pictures at the bottom of the page.

You'll be presented with three options:

Camera (if you want to use your iPad's camera to take photos of the patient)

Gallery (if you want to upload the patient photos from your iPad photo gallery)

Use Template (if the patient doesn't want their photos taken)

Important note: You'll need at least 3 before photos/templates for a procedure. If you take less than that, you won't be able to edit the procedure afterwards. Additionally, you can only add a total of 5 before photos to all procedure types except the CoolSculpting Procedure Type which allows 8 before photos maximum.

Once you're done taking photos, hit Finish in the top right.

Now that you have your photos, let's go ahead and log some products on them. 

Add a Product/an Injection Marking to the Photo

Tap on + SELECT PRODUCT / PACKAGE at the top, then a window will pop up. At the top of the window, you'll see Product and Inventory Variations.

Choose Product To add a product or injection marking to the photo. If the product isn't on the list, you can search for it by typing its name in the search field. If you want to get more information about the product, hit the i on the right.

If you want to add a product in a variant (the variants you created in Inventory > Inventory Variations, hit Inventory Variations.

Tap on the product you want to add to the procedure. After that, tap twice on any area on the face to add n injection marking. If you want to increase or decrease the number of units, simply hit the plus or minus sign at the top.

Use the Draw Tool

Important note: Adding a drawing to the photo won't add a product to the photo. To add a product to the photo, tap Select Product/Package at the top, hit the product you want to add, and then tap twice on an area in the photo to add an injection marking.

Tap DRAW in the top left and you'll be given draw tools to choose from. Select one and then start drawing.

To add a text, simply hit the T icon. If you want to change your drawing color, tap the arrow up icon next to the trash can icon.

If you need to delete a drawing, tap the circle surrounded by four tiny triangles at the top. Next, press on your drawing and then black dotted lines will show up. Hit the trash can icon to delete it.

The arrow left and right icons at the bottom of the page serve as your undo and redo buttons.

Hit X CLOSE in the top left once you're done.

Add Traceability Information

Now, let's head over to the Treatment Summary tab. You will find the products that you used here.

Tap on + Traceability to add traceability information to your procedure.

Aesthetic Record will automatically pull information from your inventory and allow you to pick batches of product that you have stock for. Specify the Batch ID of your product and the number of units that were used in the drop-down menus here and tap Add.

Once you have added your traceability information in, the units that were used for this treatment will be automatically deducted from your inventory.

Navigate to the procedure and tap on Add Notes to add a note to the procedure. The note can be about anything related to the treatment that you want to keep on record.

Take a Payment or Check Out the Patient

With the procedure added, you can take your client's payment by tapping the credit card icon at the top.

At the bottom of the screen, you can maximize your client's cart. Everything that you logged in the treatment summary will be automatically sent here to compute the sale. 

If you need to apply a discount, tap on the product and enter the relevant discount on the Product Details window.

Similarly, if you need to delete an item from the customer's cart, click on the minus sign on the right of the cart. 

Hit the Charge button in the bottom right corner and follow the prompts there to finalize your transaction.


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