Create, Sell, and Redeem an eGift Card

Create, Sell, and Redeem an eGift Card

Create, Sell, and Redeem an eGift Card

Create eGift Cards and send them to the ones that are near and dear!

1. Create the eGift Card

  1. Login to your account via
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click POS 
  4. Click on eGift Cards 
  6. Fill in the details and your card will be ready to be purchased at the checkout via iPhone or iPad 
  7. Please note that you can add in a PRICE, that is the cost the patient pays for the gift card. The VALUE is how much the gift card is worth. For example, if you are running a holiday special, spend $100 on a gift card, get a $150 gift card. 
  8. Here is a YouTube video from our AR Academy to walk you through the steps

2. Sell the eGift Card to the Patient

  1. From the app, open the side menu (3 lines in the corner)
  2. You will see a button eGift Cards right above the Take Payment button, Click on eGift Cards
  3. Choose the patient who is buying the gif card and the clinic it's being purchased at
  4. You have two options when sending a gift card: Send Instantly - OR - Send on Future Date. Choose accordingly
  5. Upon buying, the patient purchasing gets a copy of the Invoice and the gift card receiver gets an email that includes the eGift Card redemption code
Important note: Egift cards can only be purchased via the AR app.

3. Redeem the eGiftCard for the Patient

  1. Add products/services/etc to cart as usual.
  2. Maximize your cart, and click on Options, then hit E GIFT CARD
  3. Enter the redemption code
  4. A patient can use the entire eGift Card amount in one transaction or can use it over multiple visits.
  5. Here is a YouTube video from our AR Academy to walk you through the steps
Important note: Once a partial payment is collected for an invoice, you'll no longer be able to redeem an egift card.


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