Charge a Cancellation Fee

Charge a Cancellation Fee

At the time of creating an appointment you will need to use the "enter cc details" checkbox in order to enroll that appointment in the cancellation policy. To charge a cancellation fee, follow the steps below:

Enroll An Appointment Into the Cancellation Policy 

  1. Go to the appointments tab
  2. Hit create or choose a time slot on the calendar to book a future appointment
  3. Select the details and then click "enter cc details" 
  4. IMPORTANT: if you don't use this method for an appointment you will not be able to charge the cancellation fee

Charge a Cancellation Fee

  1. Go to the appointments tab
  2. Click on the appointment card
  3. Choose "cancel or mark as no show"
  4. You'll be prompted to choose if you want to charge the patient or not. 
  5. If you click yes, it will charge the patient that cancellation fee as long as the CC details were added at the time of booking,

Cancellation Invoices 

To locate a cancellation charge:
1. Login via web
2. Go to the patient's profile 
3. More info 
4. Payment History
5. Choose cancellation invoices 

You can also see this invoice from the sales tab located on the web. 

Cancellation Reports 

To locate a cancellation charge report:
1. Login via web
2. Go to Business Insights 
3. Sales > Cancellation Fees

To View a Report with Appointment Cancellation History: 
1. Login via web
2. Go to Business Insights 
3. Appointments > Click Create > Patient no shows or cancellations 

Booking History Report 

To locate additional details regarding the history of a booking or cancellation or rescheule:
1. Login via web
2. Go to Appointments
3. Click the wrench
4. Choose booking history 
5. You can download to excel or view in AR