Enroll, Edit, Cancel, or Put the Membership on Hold

Enroll, Edit, Cancel, or Put the Membership on Hold

Follow this form to enroll patients in the membership program, or disable. Learn how to change the CC on file as well.

Once the membership setup is completed from web, you could sign any client to be a member either of below:

From the AR APP:

  1. Login to the Ipad app 
  2. Click on a patient profile 
  3. Click the three dots in the top right corner
  4. Click Membership Plan
  5. Enter the details and hit SAVE in the top right corner 

A) From Membership Plan Button in client profile.
B) From Patient Portal - client could auto enroll for membership program

A) From Membership Plan

  • Click on Clients tab from the control center 
  • Open the client profile.
  • Next, click on Membership Plan button.
  • Details for Monthly Membership are auto-populated. You will need to collect client's card details and billing information and hit SAVE.
  • You may apply Coupon code if any. Coupon codes can be created from POS>Memberships
  • Draw day will be the date on which their membership fee will be charged for every month/year.

B) From Patient Portal - Client Can Auto Enroll For Membership Program

  • Client should login to portal with valid login credentials.
  • Click on "Become A Member Button".
  • In the next window, they can fill in all the details and become a member.

Update Card Info, Cancel, or Put the Membership Program on Hold

  • Open Client profile and select Membership Plan
  • You can then select change card, cancel membership or hold membership.

Other Things To Know:

  • You can now enroll your clients into multiple membership plans.
  • If you cancel membership, no amount is refunded to the client.
  • Client receives email notifications upon signup, cancellation and monthly renewal.


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