Equipment and Resources

Equipment and Resources

You have the ability to associate equipment or resources to your service offerings. This will assist your clinic in ensuring that a double booking never occurs when you have a limited amount of resources or equipment.

What is a Resource or Equipment? 

What is Equipment? Equipment is referred to a physical device that you would use to perform a service. This could refer to a SkinPen, CoolSculpting device or a laser for example.
What is a Resource? A resource is something that you have a limited amount of that is needed in order to perform a treatment. For example if you perform IV's and you only have one IV chair, you would want to associate a chair to each of your IV services.

Important Reminder:

When configuring or adding equipment/resources into AR, you can only associate one per service in order for the system to operate correctly.
For example, if you have two SkinPen’s, you would need to create two devices in your account:
  1. SkinPen1
  2. SkinPen2
Next, you will need to create two different services in AR. For example, create your first microneedling service and associate SkinPen1, then repeat for the 2nd device.
Microneedling with SkinPen1
Microneedling with SkinPen2
The system will not work properly if you have attached 2 pieces of equipment to the same service. This also applies to resources; you cannot tie 2 resources or a resource AND a piece of equipment to the same service. Only one can be attached per service.

To add equipment/resources:
Click on Appointments, Wrench Icon, Smart Configuration, Other Resources.

To add equipment, make sure you are on the Equipment tab and click on Add Equipment.
Here you can add the Equipment Name, select the proper Clinic, and add a Clean-up time. (This will prevent someone from booking a service with this device directly after the first appointment is done. If you selected a 30 minute clean-up time, the next available appointment time for this service with this device would be 30 minutes after the last appointment ended.)

To add a Resource, switch to the Resources tab and click Add Resource.
Here you can add the Resource Name, select the proper Clinic and select the Resource Type (this could be a room, chair, etc.). You must add the resource type before you can select it.

Add Equipment or Resource Schedule
Now, you need to add a schedule for the device.  Aesthetic Record will automatically take the equipment or resource schedule into account to determine whether the service is available when a patient is booking that service.
Under Equipment or Resources, the following blank schedule will show.

Choose the day and time that the equipment is physically available at the clinic by ticking on the box in front of each day then enter the time. If the equipment is always available, put in the clinic hours.
If you want to schedule a break for the equipment to coincide with your clinic break time, you can do so by clicking on the "+" button on the right of the time setting and dividing the operational time of that device into 2 or 3 periods.
Click Save at the bottom right once you're done with the equipment/resource details.

Add Equipment or Resources to a Service

To associate a device or resource to a service, navigate to Appointments, Wrench Icon, Smart Configuration, Service. Click directly on the service you want to add the resource/device to.  Scroll down.
If you want to add equipment, toggle on where it says "Does this service require equipment?" and then select the device from the drop down menu.
If wanting to add a resource, select a resource from the dropdown menu next to Select Resources.

Remember, you can only attach ONE piece of equipment or resource to the same service.