Cloud-Based ePrescribing FAQs

Aesthetic Record partners with Scriptsure for Cloud Based ERX! 

ERX Overview


Aesthetic Record has integrated Cloud Based eRX where you can: 
1. Prescribe Directly from the Patient Profile
2. Quick Prescribe Option for Refills
3. Pre-Populated Common Prescribing Options
4. Full Drug Database and Interaction Tracking
5. Prescription Favorites
This is available only in the US and Puerto Rico currently.
***Once you start the application process you must complete this to successfully save. 
eRx is non-refundable

How to Prescribe

EPCS Subscription Options:

non-EPCS Subscription Options:

Head to your Control Center> Settings> ePrescribing and Enroll!

Sending notifications from Scritpsure that there is a prescription waiting for approval. Head to User setting>User Profile> Alerts

FAQ's ON ePrescribe: