How to Set Up Simple Shipping (Without Zones)

How to Set Up Simple Shipping (Without Zones)

  1. Go to your Vendor Dashboard > Select Settings > Select Shipping
  2. To create a simple shipping option without zones or a shipping carrier, select "If you want to use previous shipping system then Click Here"
  3. Note: Hover over the "?" for on-demand help.

  1. Enable Shipping: To enable simple shipping without zone or carrier to your store, be sure to elect this checkbox.
  2. Default Shipping Price: Enter the minimum price or base flat-rate shipping price. It will be used as a reference to calculate the shipping price if you select other price options below. 
  3. Per Product Additional Price: Allows you to define shipping costs for additional products added to the cart. Use this option if you only want to charge when a customer adds multiple items in their cart. For example below, flat rate shipping was set to $7.50 and the per product shipping was set to $5. When the customer adds different products to their cart, the total shipping cost is $12.50.

  1. Per Qty Additional Price: Allows you to define shipping costs for the amount of products in the cart. Unlike the example above which assigns additional cost to different products, this cost applies to quantity in the order. Use this option if you want to charge shipping per item even if the customer purchases 2+ of the same item.
  2. Processing Time: Select the time required before the order ships.
  3. Shipping Policy: Enter your shipping policy, terms & conditions, and any instructions.
  4. Refund Policy: Enter your refund policy, terms & conditions, and any instructions.
  5. Ships From: Enter the base location the products are shipped from for delivery. It is usually the same location as the store, unless the shipping is done by a warehouse offsite. 
  6. Ships To and Cost: In this field, you will add the locations you want to ship to. After selecting one country, you will get the states in another dropdown. The Cost is the default cause for the particular country you select. That means, if the system can not find any stat name that the customer has entered, then this price will be calculated. 

If you need additional help setting up your shipping with our zones of carrier, please send a detailed email to 

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