How To Use Clearent Virtual Terminal

How To Use Clearent Virtual Terminal

How To Use Clearent Virtual Terminal and Desktop Card Readers

Don't have Clearent? Click Here to inquire on how to activate this in your account!

A. Setting up the Clearent Virtual Terminal

After being approved to process with Clearent, you should receive an email invitation to enroll in the Virtual Terminal! The email invitation will look like the following:

Click "Create Account". Next, you'll be prompted to create your login credentials, and fill out your information. To find your Merchant Number (commonly referred to as MID), click the settings wheel in the top right corner inside of your Aesthetic Record account > POS > POS Settings

After this, you will have successfully enrolled! Please note that it can take up to an hour for your account to be created.

"I haven't received an invitation to enroll. What do I do?"
If you haven't received an email invitation to enroll in the Virtual Terminal, or your link has expired, email

B. Using the Clearent Virtual Terminal

***Taking a payment through the Clearent Virtual Terminal does not tie back to the invoice in Aesthetic Record. This method should ONLY be used in the event that Aesthetic Record is down and you cannot complete a payment through Aesthetic Record.***
1. Go to and login to your account:

2. Enter credit card information. Make sure the zip code entered is the billing zip code for the card you're using. If this is not correct, the transaction may not go through.

3. Once you've verified credit card information and amount are correct for processing, click "Run Transaction".

You can also view all previous transactions as well as batches from the Clearent Virtual terminal:

Your first monthly fee will include the cost of the card reader + processing fees. From that point forward, your bill will include any other equipment purchased and your processing fees.


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