Inventory Reports

Inventory Reports

AR has many different inventory reports that your clinic can use to get the insight you need.

To access any of the inventory reports, go to business insights, inventory and hit create report. 

We've outlined all the reports below: 
  • Current Inventory Levels

Current inventory levels will give you insight to how much product you physically have on the shelf. Assuming that you've done all your inventory tracking properly in AR. This is a great report to pull to see which items you have in surplus for example, you can then coach your team on selling techniques to get the product off the shelf before it expires. 
You will also see usage for each time frame. This will give you insight to how much you usually use and you can use it as an indication if you need to order more. 

  • Product Usage Per Provider

This is a great report to use to see who your product champions are internally. For example if provider X is crushing her sales with Toxin, she might be a great coach for the rest of the providers. 

  • Provider Inventory Usage

This is a great rollup report to see the amount of products that one given provider have used during a given time. 

  • Lot Number

Let's say there is a recall on a specific product and lot number, you can use this report to pull that lot number and it will generate each patient that had this lot number tied to a procedure. 

  1. Previous year vs Current year

This report allows you to choose a product, and compare the data from the previous year to this year. 

  • Inventory - Forecasting by % booked

This report will take the number of bookings you have and compute out how much product is needed to perform appointments.

  • Inventory - Ordering details

This report will indicate the ordering details placed for a product in a given time. 

  • Previous Period vs Current period

This report will split out the inventory used, versus sold and on the shelf for a specific period.