Manage Memberships

Creating Your Client Loyalty Programs (Memberships)

Are you ready to create different memberships in your account? Follow this guide to get rockin and rollin! When thinking about setting up Memberships here are a few different scenario's
Scenario 1:
Member has no discount in client Loyalty: Will default to member price in inventory item. **If discount code is used, it is taken off the member priceScenario 2:
Member has discount in client loyalty: Defaults to that discount and not member price itemScenario 3:
Member has a discount on membership program. Uses a discount code. The discount is taken off the percentage off from already discount Client Loyalty.

A. Create a Membership

  1. Login to the Control Center. Go to your web browser and log in to
  2. Click on the settings widget in the top right hand corner
  3. POS 
  4. Go to Client / Patient Loyalty
  5. Click "EDIT" on the right corner 
  6. Name your membership
  7. Choose if you are offering one membership or multiple memberships
  8. Select if this is a monthly, annual or both recurring charge. 
  9. Choose if you want the patient to be able to "bank" their monthly membership fees. For example if you membership is $100/month, you can allow the $100 to automatically go into the patients wallet so that they can use it on future products or services in your business.
  10. Add in your thank you message "Thank you for being a Lovely Lines loyal client!" 


1. Click "ADD NEW TYPE"

2. Enter in the name of your membership, for example "BRONZE BEAUTY"
3. Enter in the discount %, this is the percentage off that your clients get on products/services. This will automatically add a % off at the checkout screen.
3. Add in the "monthly membership fees". This is the cost of the program every month. As a reminder once a patient is enrolled in the program it will automatically charge the card on file for their membership.
4. Enter in "set up fees". Keep in mind that you can always waive this set up fee at the time of enrolling a patient.
5. Now, add in what products or services that the patient gets for free every month. This will automatically add the products or services into the patients wallet. 

Optional Items

Choose to send the membership fee to the patient's wallet

Enable and disable a membership program to show up in the patient portal.

B. Membership Agreement/Contract: 

  1. Go to your settings widget 
  2. Clinical documentation
  3. Patient paperwork
  4. Membership agreement
  5. Create multiple agreements for multiple memberships!

Important note: This membership agreement will show up when you enroll a patient to a membership program.


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