Managing your Inventory

Manage Your Inventory

You can add products to Inventory via web in two ways: by activating existing products from the Aesthetic Record Product Directory or by manually entering product details.

In this article, you're able to learn how to:

A. Add Products to Inventory (through AR Product Directory or by manually entering it)

B. Export Your Inventory List

C. Export Inventory-Related Reports from Business Insights

Click on Inventory at the top.

A. Add Products to Inventory

There are two way you can add a product to your inventory. One is by AR Product Directory and the other by manually adding the product.

1. Add Products via AR Product Directory and Add the Missing Details

On the left, click on AR Product Directory and then type in the search box the name of the product you want to add. Once the product shows up, check the box next to the product's name, and then click on Activate. Clicking that sends the product to Your Inventory.

Continue to do so for all relevant products in this directory. If you can't find a product here, you can manually add them later.

Once you've added every product that you can find, it's time to head over to Your Inventory to add the missing details.

While you're still in Inventory, click on Your Inventory and all your active products will show up. 

To search for the product you want to edit, simply type its name in the search box or click on its name on the list below. If you don't see the name on the list, scroll down to see all the other active products. Click on the product's name to edit it.

You will notice that many fields here have been auto-populated by Aesthetic Record. We recommend that you leave the information that has already been filled in intact. Here are what you should be editing:

Cost to Company: If it's toxin, it's the cost per unit. If syringe, it should be per syringe.

Product Price: This is the price your clients will be paying for each unit of the product. If your clinic has a membership program, make sure to enter the product price for members as well.

Lot Number and Expiration: Enter the batch ID, expiration date, stock number, and stock alert number of your products. This option is not mandatory but you can use it for product tracking and stock alert.

If applicable, you can also add the tax rate for the product as well as the supplier's info. If not, just leave the toggles turned off.

Please make sure to fill out every area with a RED ****

After you're done, hit Save. Repeat this process until all activated products are updated. 

2. Manually Add the Rest of Your Products

If you still have missing products, you can create a new product entry to add it to your active product list. Click on Your Inventory and then Add Product.

The next page will show you the following tabs: Information, Pricing, Traceability, Tax Settings, and Purchase Order. 

For Medical Supplies Inventory Type, you can choose to Include the product to Cost to Company report and Deduct inventory when it gets used in procedure.

After you've entered the Product Information, let's move on to Pricing.

Product Price: The selling price per unit of your products, for both members and non-members.

Additionally, the fields on this page will only show up if Retail and Service Inventory Types are chosen. If the inventory type is Medical Supplies, you won't be able to add in a pricing.

When you're done with pricing, click on Traceability.

Lot Number and Expiration (optional): This will appear if you are putting in a service item. Toggle this on and you can specify the clinic where this product is physically available, along with its expiration date, batch ID and current stock number here (click Options, View Batches, and then Add.)

Once you have added stock, a text box called Stock Alert will appear. Enter an appropriate stock number here. Aesthetic Record will automatically send you an alert when your stock goes below this number.

If your product is available at more than one clinic, click on Options next to the proper clinic, View Batches, and Add.


B. Export Your Inventory List

In Inventory, click on Your Inventory and then Options in the upper right hand corner and hit Download CSV or Download Excel


Click on Business Insights, Inventory, Create report, choose which type of report you want to download, select the information required, Continue, and then Save or Download Excel.


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