Manually Charge a Patient a "No Show" or Cancellation Fee

Manually Charge a Patient a "No Show" or Cancellation Fee

Manually Charge a Patient "No Show" or Cancellation Fee via App

Important note: The invoice can only be generated via the AR app. If you don't have it yet on your iPad or iPhone, kindly download it first.

Log in to your account via the AR app on your iPad or iPhone. From the All Patients page, tap the blue icon in the bottom right and then the credit card icon above it.

Choose Patient. If you select Patient, you'll need to search for the patient's profile (If the patient has no existing profile on your account, you can create one by tapping + NEW PATIENT). Then tap the patient's profile as soon as it shows up.

Tap the clinic and then you'll be taken to the cart screen.

From the cart screen, hit +ADD at the top, next to the search field.

A window will pop up, add in "No Show Fee - Manual Charge" under Custom Item,  add your "no show"/cancellation fee amount (for example, $50) under Custom Amount, and then select "Add." 

Once you're ready to charge the patient, hit the blue checkout in the bottom right, which shows the total bill.

On the checkout page, you can add the tip (optional) from the patient. If they want to give you a specific amount, hit Custom.

The available payment methods are Card (MasterCard, VISA, or American Express credit, debit, or gift cards), CashAR Wallet (Dollar Credits), Care CreditGreenSky, and Other payment method (for Check).

Important note: The only payment method that will require you to enter the patient's CC details or swipe their card is Card. If you choose Care Credit, the app won't ask you to enter the patient's CC details. Additionally, Care Credit transactions must be run through the Care Credit site. Once the transaction has been deemed as successful, you can track the care credit payment through Aesthetic Record.

Before hitting ChargeTender, or Use to record the payment, make sure all the details are correct and the discounts, BD/Aspire points, and the tip are already added because once the payment is recorded, the only information you can change on the invoice is the employee's name.

If you're using a Stripe card reader (BBPOS), please click here: Connect Stripe Card Reader
If you're using a Clearent card reader (VivoPay), please click here: VP3300 Bluetooth Card Reader

Once you've successfully charged the patient, you can print and/or email the invoice to them.

Important note: As it's a manual charge, this charge won't show up in your Cancellation Fees report in Business Insights.