Merge Duplicate Patient Profiles

Merge Duplicate Patient Profiles

How to Merge duplicate profiles of a patient via the web:

If, for some reason, the patient has multiple profiles on your account, you have the option to merge the profiles so all their patient information and records are tied to only one profile.

Log in to your AR account via

Hit Patients > Merge Duplicate Profiles > Scan Now, and then choose the duplicate profiles of a patient you want to merge.

Important note: It's not possible to mass merge duplicate profiles. It needs to bedone for each patient as you'll have to select the details/files that will be added to the new profile. Additionally, once the profiles are merged, the action is irreversible.

If under Patients tab, you see multiple profiles of the patient but after you click Merge Duplicate Profiles > Scan Now you don't see any duplicate profiles of the patient, the following are the possible reasons for this:

1. Their names aren't identical (for example, one is Amy Holmes and the other Amie Holmes; they need to be Amy Holmes and Amy Holmes).
2. Their names appear to be identical but one profile has a space or spaces in between the letters.
3. If their names are identical, they were Marked as Not Duplicate by a user on the account.

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