NPS Surveys: Sending out automated future service reminders

NPS Surveys: Sending out automated future service reminders

A. Create a Survey

Log in to your account via Click on Settings > Surveys > Create Survey.

Name your survey first, type in a question, and then on the left where it says "textbox," click on that to select the type of answers you want to use for each question.

Yes/No: The client will be given a choice between Yes and No.

You can ask the question:
"Have you booked your wrinkle relaxer appointment yet?" 

The answer option will be Yes/No

Once the client submits the survey, it will take them back to a "Book Now" button to book their next appointment.

B. Attach the survey to the appointment


Once your survey has been created, head to your Appointments tab, Smart Configuration and Services. Click on the service that you'd like to attach the survey too and head to step 2. 
Select your survey and the amount of time after the service you want this to send out. 

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