Patient Portal - How to's

AR Patient Portal

The Patient Portal is where the patient profile is displayed. Once a patient has logged into their account, they can change and edit their profile information, subscribe to your clinic's membership program, book a new appointment or reschedule an upcoming one.

1. How To Answer Questionnaires and Access Instructions

If the patient has an upcoming appointment, they will find the questionnaires, consents and the pre/post-treatment instructions associated with the booked service here in their portal. Please keep in mind that you need to assign these to the correct service before they can be automatically sent to the patient.

The questionnaires, consents and pre-treatment instructions can be found under Action Required at the bottom.These documents will be sent to the portal as soon as the appointment is booked. (The pre-treatment instructions will also be sent to the patient's email as soon as the appointment is booked.)

The post-treatment instructions lie under Post-treatment Instructions and will be sent to the portal at the start time of the appointment. The post-treatment instructions will also be sent to the patient's email following the appointment. 
Your patient can click on the questionnaires to answer them or click on the consents to sign them before the appointment time.  They can also access the instructions by clicking on them. 

2. How To Cancel or Reschedule An Upcoming Appointment 

On the right, the patient can find a list of their past appointments and their upcoming appointment. The upcoming appointment has a blue background while past appointments have a green background.

The windows here also show the appointment location, time, service, and provider.  

To Cancel or Reschedule an upcoming appointment, first, click on the appointment.

To cancel the appointment, the patient can click on the Cancel Appointment at the bottom. If you have set up your cancellation policy, Aesthetic Record will automatically charge the client a cancellation fee. If you haven't set it up, learn how to do it here.  

To reschedule the appointment, the patient can click on Reschedule Appointment at the bottom and choose a new day and time for the appointment.


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