POS Quick Buttons

POS Quick Buttons

POS Quick Buttons

Group together the services, products, and packages you sell most often to fasten the checkout process.

  1. Login to Aesthetic Record via web, and click on the settings widget. 
  2. Click on POS
  3. Click on the POS QUICK BUTTON 
  4. Give your POS Quick Button a name and hit ADD.
  5. Select Add Package if you are planning to bundle together different packages or you may choose Add Product if you want to group together multiple products.
  6. Hit Save

This comes in handy when providers charge for the same services or use the same products for most of their treatments. POS Quick buttons help them skip the process of selecting products again and again and then adding to carts for different patients. They may simply click on the POS Quick button - services, products, or packages get added to the cart.

From AR app :
When on the cart screen, POS Quick Buttons show as highlighted below


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