Dispute Management

Dispute Management (Stripe)

Dispute Management

When processing with Aesthetic Record, you are responsible for managing all of your disputes from within your account.

Make sure that you are the main admin on the account. Once logged in you can give other users permission to manage disputes under teammates, users, and then manage permissions, check the box that says manage disputes and then save it. 

You will want to make sure anyone that manages disputes also gets an email anytime a dispute occurs. Click on settings and add the user emails there. 

When a dispute occurs, the funds are removed from your bank account immediately. If the dispute is won, then you will receive the money, if the dispute is lost, the patient receives the funds. There is also a $15 dispute fee anytime a patient disputes a transaction. 

Responding to a Dispute

  1. Settings
  2. POS
  3. Disputes 
Needs Review - this means that you need to submit evidence for the dispute 
Under Review - this means that the card processor (visa, AMEX, etc) is reviewing the dispute. This also means that you've already responded to the dispute. 
You will also see a "won" tab and a "lost" tab. Your disputes go into the proper category once they are deemed won or lost. 

Once you click on a dispute, you can respond to it. You will notice that you can email the customer, accept the dispute, add a note or submit evidence.
Submitting evidence is most commonly used, this will allow your business to provide proof that the patient received products or services. 
***Make sure to submit the procedure with client photos and signatures if applicable to confirm the client was there and received treatment
It's okay to submit procedure information when submitting evidence to collect payment. Read This
You can also confer with your legal counsil to confirm the best way to respond. 

You will be asked to choose what you provided the patient with: 

Make your selection, and then provide the details. 

Protecting against disputes: