Qualiphy - Integrated GFE Partner

Qualiphy - Integrated GFE Partner

Qualiphy - Integrated GFE Partner with Aesthetic Record.
Qualiphy is Your Go-To On-Demand Solution for GFEs.

Below are the features tied to this integration:
  1. Create customized GFE templates based on your Practice's unique needs inside inside your Qualiphy portal.
  2. Request a GFE from your AR Web-based Command Center when you schedule an appointment and select your exam template.
  3. You can also request a GFE from your AR Web-based Command Center or iOS Provider App inside the appointment card or from the Patient timeline
  4. Patients receive an email with instructions to complete the GFE and can connect instantly with a Nurse Practitioner from any device. You can also join from the AR web or iOS app if the Patient is already in the chair!
  5. Track the progress of the Patient's journey and review the results once the exam is completed from the Patient's timeline. All exams are stored on the timeline as a procedure & in the Document Repository.

Sign Up with Qualiphy

  1. https://referral.aestheticrecord.com/qualiphy and click on "sign up"
  2. Complete the requested details
  3. You will need this in order to connect it to your AR account!
  4. You will be asked to enter in Clinic Details, Medical Director name and Payment Details.
  5. Once you've completed your account setup, refer to this article to retrieve your API key and connect it to AR: https://qualiphy.me/api-knowledge-base/

Create Your Exams (GFE's) in Qualiphy

  1. Login to Qualiphy https://app.qualiphy.me/app/clinic/dashboard
  2. Click on "Exams" to the left
  3. Choose "Add Exam"
  4. Create your Exam/GFE - The Qualiphy provider will use your Exam when they meet with the patient
  5. Any Exams created in Qualiphy will sync over to AR. We will show you that connection further down the page! 

Turn on the Qualiphy Integration in AR

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Qualiphy
  2. Use the Toggle in the Right Corner to Turn it On
  3. Select the Clinic(s) You'd Like to Enroll
  4. Then, login to your Qualiphy account
    1. Navigate to the left-hand menu and click on the settings Icon
    2. Head to the Locations Section at the top left of your Qualiphy Portal
    3. Click on the three dots associated with the location you would like to integrate
    4. Click on View to View the API key for that location
    5. The API for that location will be displayed
    6. Click copy on the right hand side
    7. Paste the API key into Aesthetic Record 
  5. Click Enroll in AR 
  6. Repeat these steps for as many clinics as you need 

Requesting a GFE from Qualiphy By Creating a Procedure

  1. From the Patient timeline, choose Qualiphy as the procedure type 
  2. Choose the clinic and the appropriate GFE exam template
    1. NOTE- The Exam is created in Qualiphy. You must create it there first for it to show up as a selection in AR.
  3. Enter in the Patient's DOB if you haven't already - this is required, you will want to make sure their email address is also on file if they are joining this appointment remotely
  4. One you create the Qualiphy procedure, you will see it appear on the Patient timeline in a "Requested" status 
  5. When the exam is completed, the status will change to let you know if treatment is accepted or denied

Requesting a GFE to Qualiphy at the Time Of Booking an Appointment

  1. On the Web, go to the calendar and create an appointment  
  2. Enter all the appointment details, and book the appointment
  3. Once the appointment is booked you will see a pop up that asks "Would you like to send this to Qualiphy?"
  4. If you select yes, a new encounter is created under the patient's timeline and the request for an on-demand GFE is sent to Qualiphy 
  5. When you click on the appointment card you will notice the status of the GFE in the top right corner 

Requesting a GFE from a Patient's Appointment Card

  1. Locate the existing appointment on the calendar from web or iOS
  2. Click on Request GFE and select the clinic and exam you'd like to send
  3. Once sent, the box will turn grey indicating that a request has been sent 
  4. It will turn green once the GFE is approved 

Reviewing and Monitoring Requested GFE's

  1. On the web or iOS application, go to the Patient's Profile 
  2. Locate the Qualiphy procedure, and check the completion status
  3. There are 3 status options: Approved for Treatment, Denied for Treatment or N/A 
    1. N/A means that at some point during the call, there was a technical issue, and despite repeated attempts to reconnect with the Patient, the Provider was unable to complete the exam
  4. If you click on the exam name, it will take you to "chart" completed by the Qualiphy provider
    1. It indicates who performed the GFE, the responses to the questions, any applicable notes, and the status
  5. You can also locate ALL paperwork tied to this Patient's exam(s) by going to the Document Repository and searching "Qualiphy"
  6. If you requested a GFE from the appointments tab you will see a green "approved" button on the top right 

Joining a Virtual GFE Appointment with Qualiphy

There are two ways the Patient can join a Qualiphy exam. 

If the patient is in the office when you request the GFE or they haven't completed it at the time of their appointment, the Provider can use the "Join Meeting" button located on the Patient's timeline under the Qualiphy procedure. Using this method will allow the Provider and Patient to join the meeting together. 

If the exam is requested prior to the appointment, the Patient will receive an email from Qualiphy. Within the email, the Patient is instructed to click the "Join meeting" button to instantly connect to the Qualiphy Provider. They can join from any device and no additional apps are required. The email will come from no-reply@qualiphy.me so you may want to communicate that to Patients. 

Expired Requests

  1. Exam requests are accessible by the Patient or from the Join Meeting button for 30 days from the request.
  2. At day 30, the procedure will change to show two options: Delete or Resend
  3. If you click Delete, the procedure is removed from the timeline
  4. If you click Resend, the exam request is resent, the Patient gets a new email notification, and the 30 day clock starts over 

Completed GFE Report

  1. To review all approved and rejected GFE's, go to Business Insights on the web 
  2. Click on Patients/Clients tab to the left 
  3. There is a new report category at the top called "Static Reports" 
  4. Choose the Qualiphy Paid Exam Reports 
      • Here you will see a list of approved and rejected GFE's that Qualiphy conducted that will be charged for the selected time frame


  1. All billing and account information is handled exclusively by Qualiphy - www.qualiphy.me
  2. You are only charged for exams that are completed 
  3. You can track your real-time number of completed exams with the Qualiphy Paid Exams Report in Business Insights.
  4. You only pay for what you use, so it's easy to use Qualiphy on busy days, to cover PTO or as your full time GFE solution.
  5. Must be on the AR Accelerator Plan
  6. ‚Äč$27.99 per Exam with No Monthly Fee or Minimums

    For additional information on Qualiphy or for help, visit their FAQ page at: https://qualiphy.me/qualiphy-faqs-virtual-good-faith-exam/