(Patient Facing) Register/Access the Patient Portal and Complete Forms

Register/Access the Patient Portal and Complete Forms (Patient Facing)

If you are successfully registered for the patient portal, you can read the pre and post-treatment instructions, answer questionnaires, and sign the consents tied to the service(s) you booked prior to your visit via a web browser on any device.

Here is a How-To:

1. Register for the Patient Portal

If you are a new patient, you'll automatically be invited to the patient portal.

You have two options:

- You can go to your practices patient portal URL and hit "register for the patient portal"

- You can hit "confirm my account" in the welcome email that went to the email your practice has on file for you.

Once you are at the URL for the patient portal, this is what you will see:

From this point, you can enter existing details OR register. Please note: you MUST use the same email address that is on file in order to tie it to your profile.

Next, if you are registering for the first time, you need to enter in your details.

Once you hit register, you need to go to your email address and verify.

Once you hit "activate your account", it will take you back to the patient portal login screen. Where you can enter your credentials and hit login.

Once the patient profile is active you can login to complete forms.

2. Complete the Forms via the Patient Portal

Log in to your patient portal account. On the left side, click on the pre-treatment instructions that you need to read, questionnaires that you have to complete, and consents that you're required to sign prior to your visit.

Once you're done, your provider can view all of the documents that you have completed!

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