Review User Activity Log

Review User Activity Log

Review User Activity Log
View actions that your users take inside of AR

Aesthetic Record keeps a log of any action performed by the users at your clinic. 

You can view, sort and search for any particular activity and keep track of what your users are doing.

To access your log, you will need to sign in your Aesthetic Record administrator account.

At the top of the screen, click on the Clock icon. The user activity page will pop up.

The activity log comes with a number of filtering and sorting options. First, let's take a look at the search function.

You will notice that there's a Type drop-down menu on the right of the Search textbox. Click on this menu and you will be able to dictate the type of user activity displayed on your screen.

For instance, if you select Appointment, only user activity related to your clinic's appointments (creation, deletion or edits) will be displayed.

The Search textbox can be used to search for either the user activity or a user name. 

On the right of the Search textbox is the Date filter. Using this filter, you can choose your reporting period. Click on it and select a time period that suits you.  If you can't find one that satisfies you, you can customize a time period by choosing the starting date on the left and the ending date on the right.

It's also possible to export your activity log, either as a CSV file or an Excel spreadsheet, to your computer. Click on Export and choose either of the options here.