Service Deposits: Taking Prepayment for Appointments

Service Deposits: Taking Prepayment for Appointments

Service Deposits

Taking a service deposit 
This can be utilized for In Person and Virtual Appointments

POS must be enabled to utilize this feature

Step 1: From the appointments tab, head to Smart Configuration and then the service tab. Click on the service you'd like to take a deposit on.

Step 2: Click Yes and associate your deposit amount. Click through the 3 steps and save your service.

View from Online Booking:

When a deposit is charged, you will see an invoice like this in the sales tab/payment history

Once the client has been charged, you will find the deposit as a Dollar Credit in their wallet. You'll be able to use this at check out in the Tender Screen as a form of payment!

When it comes to reporting, this service deposit will show under the Wallet Credit section in your Sales Summary and when used as a Wallet Debit

Additional Features

If a user decided to Waive the Service Deposit, you will see this in the User Activity Log which can be found from the control center and click the clock icon: