Service Deposits at the time of Booking

Service Deposits at the time of Booking

A Service Deposit will allow you to choose a specific amount that you would like to charge at the time of booking. This feature works with both in clinic booking and online booking. 
Note: You must have an active and approved point of sale account in order to charge service deposits 

Add a Service Deposit to a Service

From the appointments tab, head to Smart Configuration and then the service tab. Click on the service you'd like to enable deposits for. 
  1. On the service, select "YES" next to "does this require a deposit" 
  2. Next, enter in the amount you need to charge. 
  3. Hit Save once complete. 

Patient Receives a Notice that a Deposit is Required When Booking Online


Finding a Service Deposit Invoice 

Head to the sales tab or go to the patient's profile, and choose more info, payment history. 
You will see "Service Deposit" listed in the top right hand corner. You will also see "deposit" listed as a line item on the invoice. 

Deposit as a Dollar Credit in the Wallet 

Once a deposit payment is complete, the amount paid will go into the patients wallet. It is added into the wallet as a dollar amount. To see when it was added review the wallet usage log. 

Viewing Deposits on the Sales Summary 

When it comes to reporting, the service deposit will show under the Wallet Credit section in your Sales Summary and when used as a Wallet Debit

User Activity Log for Waived Service Deposits 

If a user decided to Waive the Service Deposit, you will see this in the User Activity Log which can be found from the control center and click the clock icon: