Isolate Your Services Using Verticals

Isolate Your Services Using Verticals

Service Verticals allow you to create a unique group of services with their own booking link URL.   This is a helpful feature when segmenting your services so that it's EASIER for Patients to find what they want quickly. For example, you can organize all body contouring services together and create a link, you can create a link for your VIP membership services and provide that to members when they enroll, etc. 

With our NEW update, you can now organize your service verticals AND decide to include or exclude them from your general booking link. For example, if you want to create a booking link for Friends & Family, this feature allows you to isolate those services to that vertical booking link ONLY. This creates  a personalized experience for those specified patients without putting them on your standard booking page. 

How to Build a Service Vertical

To create a Service Vertical, go to the Appointments Tab.
  1. Choose the Wrench
  2. Smart Configuration
  3. Service Vertical
  4. Click Create 
  5. Add in the services, choose a vertical color and save it

Hide or Isolate Certain Services from Your Online Booking Page (NEW!)

  1. Go to the Appointments Tab
  2. Click the wrench and choose Smart Configuration
  3. Choose the Service Vertical you would like to edit or simply hit create to build a new one 
  4. Once inside of the Service Vertical, you can opt in to "Exclude from Booking Page"
  5. Upon selecting this, it ensures that the services tied to this vertical will not be accessible from your standard online booking page 

  6. Once saved, you can confirm the selection on your Vertical Page as listed below

Retrieve your Service Vertical Booking URL 

  1. Go to the Appointments tab
  2. Wrench 
  3. Booking Portal 
  4. Domain configuration
  5. Hit the edit icon to change the name of your URL for example
  6. Copy the Service Vertical URL 
  7. Create a button on social media or your website and attach this URL 

Use Cases For Isolating Certain Services From Standard Online Booking By Using Service Verticals

You could opt in to exclude services from standard online booking that are tied to a Service Vertical. Here are a few use cases: 
    1. You offer VIP only services 
    2. Events/Parties
    3. Friends and Family 
    4. Training/ Model Events
    5. Referral or Partnership links