Service Verticals

Service Verticals

A way to group selected services for the purposes of segmenting the calendar view, organizing a Provider's day and creating a curated booking experience for patients. 

Service Verticals can be used internally just to organize the calendar. Verticals van be used to organize patient booking options for easy or limited selections. You can track referral sources through unique URLS and enhance your website UI for seamless booking. 

Here is a video from our AR Academy on how to build your Verticals:

Things you can do with Service Verticals:
  1. Create a Vertical for Training or Demo Days: Send Link to Models to Book
  2. Create a Vertical for an Injection Day-only Booking: Send a link via email or text
  3. Create a Vertical for a Referral Source: Embed the Link on Website
  4. Build Verticals to Match Your Website Layout: Example- Body Contouring vertical link can go on the Body Contouring Page.
  5. Create Verticals for Services in "side by side" clinics to easily plan travel logistics

Example By Service:

Example by Room:

Example by Promotional Events:

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