Set Up Categories

Set Up Categories For Your Inventory and Tax Rules

Before you add products to your inventory, you have to set up the appropriate product categories first.

Product categories are used to group similar products together. Aesthetic Record uses these categories to keep track of where your products are in the inventory.

It's important for you to set up your product categories properly so Aesthetic Record can track your sales and produce nice and clean sales reports.
In this article, you'll find information on how to:

A. Add a New Product Category
B. Edit a Product Category (including activating and deactivating one)
C. Export a List of Your Product Categories

A. Add a New Product Category

Click on Inventory, Add/View Categories, and then Add Category. These categories will reflect in your Category Report in Business Insights. You can categories by vendor or type of service/retail product.

Enter the category name and toggle Product Category Active on. If you want to apply a tax rate to your product category, toggle on the Custom tax rule (In percentage) and specify the appropriate tax rate for your category.

Once you're happy, hit Save.

Repeat this process until you have added all necessary product categories.


B. Edit a Product Category

Click on Inventory and Add/View Categories. Click on Edit and then after updating, hit Save.

To deactivate an active product category, after clicking Edit, turn off the Product Category Active toggle at the top.

To activate an inactive product category, toggle off the Show Active Only at the top then a list of the inactivate categories will show up below. Look for the inactive product category, hit Edit, and then toggle on the Product Category Active toggle at the top.


C. Export a List of Your Product Categories

Click on Inventory, Add/View Categories, and then Export.


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