Create And Use Dot Phrases (Preconfigured Notes)

Create And Use Dot Phrases (Preconfigured Notes)

Set up Pre Configured Notes by Using Dot Phrases

Create pre set notes, this will help speed the process of notating on a clients chart.

A dot phrase is a phrase that you can summon when you are typing in your notes section description. By summoning a dot phrase, you can quickly pull a predefined note or description and paste it on the document you're writing, saving you time. 

A. Create a Dot Phrase

To create a dot phrase with Aesthetic Record, follow these steps:
  1. Click on Settings Gear  in the top right corner.
  2. Click on clinical documentation 
  3. Click on dot phrases 
  4. Click Add in the top right 
  5. Give your phrase a Dot(.) Phrase. For example "general".  Then give your phrase a title, such as "General Procedure Note".
  6. Enter the description of the phrase. This is the text that will be pulled when you summon the dot phrase. The text should be a phrase or description that you use frequently when you enter data into Aesthetic Record. 
For instance, if you have to start every procedure description with the phrase "The procedure is provided exclusively to", you can enter that here and assign it to the dot phrase .DUV above. Whenever you start a procedure description, you can summon .DUV and the phrase "The procedure is provided exclusively to" will be pasted to the description.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Do not include any patient-specific information here since it will be applied any time you summon the dot phrase. 

Hit Save when you're happy with your phrase.

B. Use a Dot Phrase

To use a dot phrase, go to any notes section, type a dot (.) and a menu will appear listing all the dot phrases that you have set up. Click on the phrase you want to choose, or type the complete phrase and hit enter it. The phrase text will be pasted to your note.

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