Set Up Your Cancellation Policy

Set Up Your Cancellation Policy

Set Up Your Cancellation Policy

Create a cancellation policy and add an appointment cancellation fee via web

Important note: You'll only be able to use this feature if the POS feature is enabled on your account. 

Log in to your AR account via Click on Appointments > Gear Icon (next to Clinic View) > Smart Configuration > Other Settings > Cancellation Policy.

Turn on the Cancellation Policy toggle if it is off. Once you have turned it on, the policy form will appear. If this is enabled, your patients are required to enter their credit card details when booking in-person services from your online booking page, so that if they cancel, reschedule, or miss their appointment, their credit card is charged a fee.

Enter the policy description. This is what your client sees when your policy comes into effect. In this description, you can clarify the fee and the conditions for this fee to be applied. 

At the bottom, make sure to fill in the following options:

Cancellation Fees - The amount your client will be charged when they cancel their appointment.

Charge Cancellation Fee If Appointment Cancels Within - Specifies the time period when a client will be charged if they choose to cancel.

CC Authorization Text - This text will appear during the card capture stage when your client books their appointment. Make it clear to them that their card is only charged when they cancel their appointment. 

At the bottom of the form, click Save to finish your set up. 

With this cancellation policy in place, your client will be charged whenever they cancel an appointment within the time period specified in your policy.

On the day of the appointment, you can also mark your client as No Show if they fail to attend their appointment and apply the cancellation fee to their account.


Important Note: Every time an appointment for the patient is booked in office, it's imperative that the Enter Credit Card Details box is clicked so that the patient's card can be charged a fee afterwards. If the patient already has CC info stored to their profile, you'll still need to tick the box. If this step is skipped, the patient's credit card isn't charged a fee if they cancel, reschedule, or miss their appointment.

How to Use the cancellation policy


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