Set Your Account Up to Take Payments Using Clearent (US Clients Only)

Don't have Clearent? Click Here to inquire on how to activate this in your account!

You must be the main admin on the account in order to configure and set up point-of-sale. This gateway for processing is for customer located in the US only. If you are located outside of the US, please contact us at so that we can get you set up with a different payment gateway. 
Keep in mind that this function is $10/month per POS account connected. For example if you choose the single option it's $10, if you choose the multiple POS accounts option, you would take $10 * how many different POS accounts you are activating. 

Your first monthly fee will include the cost of the card reader + processing fees. From that point forward, your bill will include any other equipment purchased + processing fees.

  1. Login to the Aesthetic Record web
  2. Go to POS 
  3. POS Settings 
  4. Turn the Toggle On in the right corner 
  5. Click on Single or Multiple POS accounts. 
    1. Single refers to one bank account for all clinics
    2. Multiple refers to multiple bank accounts between multiple clinics. For example if you have 5 locations, and 5 different bank accounts you would choose multiple. 
  6. Then choose "Connect POS"
  7. Next, you'll be prompted to enter in all your details
  8. Once your application is submitted, a card reader order will be processed for you! It is $99, and it will come out of your first payout. 

Once your account is set up, activate your Virtual Terminal for Clearent

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