Taking payment with your Clearent desktop card reader

Taking payment with your Clearent desktop card reader

Taking payment with your Clearent desktop card reader

After creating an invoice inside of the Aesthetic Record app, select "Mark Frontdesk Checkout" from the "Options" menu. Then, head to your desktop. Follow these steps once you're inside of your web browser Aesthetic Record account:
  1. Click on the Sales tab
  2. Click on "Desktop Terminal"
  3. After locating the invoice, click "checkout"
  4. Click the "Reader" button
  5. Click "Click here to begin reading card"
  6. Either insert, swipe, or tap your client's card.
  7. Ask for your clients' Zip Code
  8. Click "Charge"

If you'd like to add a signature pad you can purchase one with a third party retailer. Here's how it would work!


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