Tech Specifications

Technical Specifications

There are specific requirements to have that will work with Aesthetic Record. 

You must have an iOS device to Chart with Pictures and Checkout. 

Our App is compatible with iOS devices after a certain generation. The Control Center can be run on a Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome Browser.

If Apple cannot support an iPad with its most current operating system, that iPad is no longer able to receive app updates to any iOS application available in the App Store.  Since our AR system is constantly evolving, we push frequent updates to your iOS device so that your Providers & Staff have the most up-to-date functionality available in our system. Once an iPad is no longer supported by Apple, there is no way for any App Developer to push an update to that generation. You do NOT need a brand new iPad, but you must ensure you are using a model that is currently supported by Apple or else we cannot guarantee you can install the needed updates to continue using Aesthetic Record. Please check whether or not your model is still supported by Apple’s most current operating system by clicking here: 

Aesthetic Record Recommends a minimum 100mbps download and a 15 mbps upload for a practice with 4 devices. The more devices you may have in a practice, we would recommend higher internet speeds with possible Hot Spots. The farther you are from the modem, the stronger connection you will need.