Telehealth (Good Faith Exams)


Telehealth is a great platform to do virtual meetings with your patients

1. Go to the appointments tab, and click on the gear icon, services, and create service. You will want to build a virtual service at this time. Keep in mind that any consents or questionnaires that you want your patient to fill out before the appointment can be attached to the service.

2. Next, you will need to book an appointment for your patient - or they can book online. You or your patient will need to choose the virtual option.

3. Once the appointment is booked your patient will receive an email and SMS confirmation (assuming that you have them turned on)

4. On the day of the appointment, go to your calendar, and click on the appointment, and hit the "join meeting" button. That will take you into the virtual meeting. You can do this from the app or the web.

5. Once in the meeting you will be able to see your patient. The meeting is transcribed. Your patient will be prompted to enter in a an OTP code that is sent to their phone in order to enter the meeting.

6. During or after the meeting you will need to create an encounter under the health timeline procedures section.

7. From the web you can create a procedure by going to the patient's profile, click on create procedure, and choose HEALTH.

8. Tie in the appointment time (that's how the transcription will get auto tied to the encounter).

9. Add in any notes or templates, and you're done!

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