TouchMD Integration

TouchMD Integration

Aesthetic Record and TouchMD directly integrate to make your in office workflow easier! You can pass records from Aesthetic Record to TouchMD. Please note, that in order for patient records to sync you MUST have the Date of Birth entered. That is a required field, if the DOB is not entered the information from AR, will not sync to TouchMD. 

To turn this integration on, first you must be on the Accelerator Plan. If you are not, you can click the upgrade button on the top of your screen. 

Login as the ADMIN (account creator) and then go to Settings, click Integrations and choose TouchMD.
Turn the Toggle ON. 
Enter in the API Key. Please note: You will need to contact TouchMD for the API Key. They will email part of the key to you, and then they will send the reminder of it via text. Once you get the full key, enter it into AR, and then hit save. 
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