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Book an Appointment Online

Book an Appointment Online

In Aesthetic Record, there are two ways to book an appointment: from the online booking page (for patients) and from the scheduling page inside of AR (for clinic staff). In either case, you have to configure your Services and Provider Schedules with AR before you can book an appointment.

In this article, we are going to show how a patient can book from your online booking page.

First, the patient has to choose the clinic where the service will be performed. Then they need to click on CONTINUE.

Next, they need to click on either IN-PERSON (if the treatment is going to take place at the clinic) or VIRTUAL (if it's an online consultation or virtual meeting) to select the specific service they want to book.

The patient then is presented with a list of service categories. They have to click on the service category (below, the chosen service category is "Dermal Filler"). After clicking on the service category, the patient will see a list of the services. They just need to click on the specific service and then hit CONTINUE at the bottom of the page.

On the next page, a list of the providers linked to the service they selected shows up. If the patient is unsure of which provider to choose, they can click on BOOK WITH FIRST AVAILABLE (this will only show all providers' availabilities within the next 14 days). Otherwise, they can click on Book to select a provider. 

On this screen, the patient can select a date. Any unavailable dates are grayed out and aren't clickable. The patient has to click on the arrow right or arrow left to change the month.

Once a specific date is selected, below the calendar, the patient can click on an appointment time. On this same page, it will show the timezone the clinic is in. After the time is selected, the patient has to hit CONTINUE at the bottom.

Here, the patient needs to provide their first name, last name, email address, phone number, and appointment notes (optional). A valid email address and a phone number are required for notifications from the clinic to be received. After filling out the fields, they need to click on the box next to "I'm not a robot" and then hit VERIFY MOBILE NUMBER in the bottom right.

Important Note:
For existing patients, they have to add in the same exact information they have on their profile on your AR account. Otherwise, a new profile will be created for them.

For new patients with no patient profile on your AR account, once the appointment is successfully booked, it will create a profile for them automatically.

Next, an OTP code is sent to their mobile phone number. The OTP code needs to be entered into the OTP field. They have to hit Verify next and then to finalize their booking, they must click on COMPLETE BOOKING in the bottom right.

For AR accounts with enabled POS and with a cancellation policy in place, a window will popup and your cancellation policy will be shown to the patient. The patient just needs to hit Accept at the bottom of the window to proceed.

If an AR account's POS is disabled, this window won't pop up.

After hitting Accept, the patient will be prompted to enter in their Credit Card information. Once that's done, they have to click on COMPLETE MY BOOKING.

Once the appointment is successfully booked, the patient will see this message:


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