Zapier Integration

Create a ZAP between Your Apps & Aesthetic Record with Zapier
You can now connect Aesthetic Record data to your apps using Zapier. We have two levels of information or “triggers” you can choose to send. First is to simply send over the patient first name, last name, email and phone. The second “trigger” also sends over the invoice date and amount.   Based on which you prefer to send, the following instructions will guide you through the process. You must have a paid Zapier account to access it.    Please follow the instructions below to get started:
  1. Configure Zapier to Sync with your Aesthetic Record Account:
    1. Go to and login or create an account. 
    2. Go to My Apps and search for Aesthetic Record and click “Connect”
    3. A screen will appear asking for your to input your AR account credentials. 
  2. Login to your Aesthetic Record account and navigate to Settings > Integrations > Zapier
    1. Toggle the “Sync Zapier” switch to on. It will reveal your API and Secret Key.
    2. Copy your API from AR and Paste into Zapier.
    3. For the Secret Key, click “Show” then “Copy” then paste into AR.
    4. Now, your AR and Zapier are connected.
  3. Now it’s time to set up your Zap.  Click “Make a Zap.”
    1. Under Trigger menu, search for Aesthetic Record 
    2. Under Trigger Event, choose “New Patient” and click Continue
  4. Based on the account you synced inside of AR, you should have only 1 option under “Choose an Account” but if you have multiple, select the right one for this Zap. 
    1. Click Save & ContinueNow, click Test Trigger
    2. You will see a recent record appear.
    3. Click continue.
  5. Now choose the app you’d like to connect AR to via Zapier. 
    1. The “Action Event” will be based on the app that you choose. We will use Google Sheets for this example. 
    2. We will choose “Create Spreadsheet Row”
    3. At this point, Zapier will have you choose the Google account, spreadsheet name, workbook name, etc. This will be the same type of drill-down or login no matter which kind of app you choose.
    4. Then you will match up your first, last, email and phone number of your patients.. At this point, you have successfully set up a Zap to send your new patients or update existing patients. You can click “Turn on Zap” to complete. 
  6. If you are sending to your CRM and you want to add invoice amounts, you will need to add a new Zap with a different trigger event.  
    1. To set up this Zap, you’ll want to choose the trigger “New Invoice” instead of “New Patients.” 
    2. Find the app and repeat the steps listed above to create the actions.
    3. The first is to create/update the contact in your CRM.
    4. You will need a second action to add the invoice amount. Click the “+” button to add a second action.
      1. Now choose how you want your CRM to handle the invoice date and amount. It could be a new deal/convert a lead/ etc.- this will depend on how your CRM handles invoice amounts. 
  7. Once you’ve connected the invoice trigger to BOTH actions- create/update contact action and the add invoice action- you can test your trigger. If all works well, you have completed your Zap! It’s time to turn it on and start zapping!