zoho crm

ZOHO CRM Third Party Integration

Turn the ZOHO CRM Integration On 

Aesthetic Record and ZOHO directly integrate to make your in office workflow easier! You can pass contact records from Aesthetic Record to ZOHO, you can also share report lists.
Information that ZOHO CRM Syncs with: first, last, email, visit date and amount of invoice

To turn this integration on, first you must be on the Accelerator Plan. If you are not, you can click the upgrade button on the top of your screen. You Also must be an "Admin" role on the account to access the integration. 

1. Login as an ADMIN and then go to Settings, click Integrations and choose ZOHO CRM.
2. Turn the Toggle ON. 
3. Click Authorize
4. Enter your sign-in details for ZOHO CRM
5. Choose if you want to sync newly created contacts or all contacts or both. We suggest to toggle on both.
6. Hit Save

Share Reports To ZOHO CRM

You can build reports inside of Aesthetic Record, once you build the report you can share it with ZOHO CRM. 
1. Go to Business Insights 
2. Click on "Patients
3. Click Create
4. Choose the report you want to create. 
5. Click Share
6. Choose Active Campaign 
7. A pop up screen will appear, enter in your ZOHO CRM login details.
8. Make sure you have a paid account with ZOHO CRM.
9. You can then email directly from ZOHO CRM.