How to Issue A Refund (Vendor)

How to Issue A Refund (Vendor)

How to Issue a Refund to Customers

Full and partial refunds can be issued to customers on any completed order. If a customer is eligible for a refund, you can create a refund request from your dashboard against that order. To begin, do to your  Vendor Dashboard > click Orders.

Please note that refunds can only be issued on completed orders. To learn more about order management features, see How to Manage My Orders

Click on any completed order to view order details.

Scroll down to the end of the order invoice > select Refund Request.

Here, you will have the option to enter all of your refund details including Item, Quantity, Total, Refund Amount, and Reason for Refund (optional). You can also include order notes and change the status of the order (see How to Manage My Orders for more information). After filling out the required details, select Submit Refund Request.

Refund requests are typically approved within 24-72 hours.
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