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Consents, Questionnaires, Treatment Instructions, Chart Templates, Dot Phrases, Before and After Photos, Managing a Procedure or Encounter, Provider/MD Room

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Sign the Consent Form in the App via Cosmetic ProcedureIf a patient hasn't signed consent on the portal pre-appointment, they can do so during the appointment via the app.
Web: Changing a Patient's Gender to Non-Binary
iOS: Changing a Patient's Gender to Non-Binary
Manage Pre and Post Treatment InstructionsCreate pre and post treatment instructions to be automatically sent or send post treatment instructions manually.
Compare Before and After Photos
How to Create and Utilize Dot Phrases (Preconfigured Notes)Step-by-step instructions for creating and utilizing Dot Phrases, saving time and boosting efficiency in procedure note taking.
Use Lock Mode for Consent Signing and QuestionnairesLock your iPad within the AR app, ensuring client privacy during consent form/questionnaire completion for security.
iOS Photo Tools for In-App Photography
Lock / Unlock Procedures & Blur Treatment Photos
Add Additional Photos to the Gallery
Add Traceability Information to a ProcedureSimply add the traceability information to a procedure and the system will automatically deduct stock for you.
Conduct a Fitzpatrick Skin Type TestFitzpatrick Skin Type categorizes skin based on color and sun reaction, aiding in assessing current skin condition and skin cancer risk.
Medical History FormThe Medical History Form is in the Patient Portal and the AR App or Website. It's stored in the client's profile.
Replace Procedure Photos
Name a Cosmetic ProcedureNaming cosmetic procedures is crucial. Unique names distinguish and identify procedures effectively.
Use the Draw Tool
Chart Audit Report for Provider & MD Rooms
Attach an Appointment to a Procedure
Sign a Chart and Send it to the MD (Provider's Room and MD's Room)
Create a Health Timeline Procedure
Create and Manage Procedure NotesThis guide offers clear steps to create and organize procedure notes. It simplifies documentation, enhancing efficiency and accessibility.
Manage Consent FormsA consent form allows you to acquire a patient consent before a treatment. Consents can be signed in office or from the patient portal.
Add, Edit, or Move Injection MarkingsThis guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to add, edit, or move injection markings in a cosmetic procedure.
Restore Deleted Procedures, Forms, Clients, Notes, and SurveysThis guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to restore deleted procedures, paperwork, clients, notes, and surveys in AR.
Create a Cosmetic ProcedureThis guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to create a cosmetic procedure. It covers starting the procedure through the calendar, adding photos, completing consents and questionnaires, charting, adding notes etc.
Charting Pricing Variations with Retail & Med Supply Products and BundlesChart retail bundles & products associated with a Pricing Variation, adjust quantities, and track stock usage via the chart summary tab.
Managing Questionnaires in Aesthetic RecordCreate cosmetic and health questionnaires and assign to your services for booking.
Configure Document Expiration Settings for Account & PatientsSet document expiration dates for your Patient Files