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Integrated Payment Processing
Integrated Payment Processing

Cash Drawer, Clearant, Deposit Report, Disputes, e-Gift Cards, Invoices, Memberships, Patient Wallet, Promotions, Stripe Card Readers, Online Booking, Payments From a Procedure, Third Party POS Integrations, Turn on Integrated Payment Processing

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Selling eGift Cards via the Online Booking & eCommerce Portal
Create a Membership Agreement & Attach It to a Membership
Enroll, Edit, Cancel, or Put the Membership on HoldFollow this form to enroll, hold, or disable patients in membership programs.
Add Products/Packages, Dollar Credits, or Alle, Aspire, Xperience Points to the Wallet and Redeem on the AppEasily add products/packages, dollar credits, and Alle/Aspire/Xperience points to the patient's wallet via web or app.
Create Discount Groups, Group Packages, and BOGO Discount Groups on the web & Redeem on the app
LINK Payments for Online Booking (Stripe)
Redeem Items from the Patient's Wallet (Package & BOGO)This guide provides instructions on how to redeem an item from a patient's wallet using a package or buy one get one (BOGO) offer.
Compass with Clearent
Chargebacks or Disputes with Clearent
How To Use Clearent Virtual Terminal and Desktop Card Readers
Retail Charting & Treatment Summary Update
Merging Multiple Invoices for a Single Payment
Connecting Clearent Card Readers
Chart-Cart-Checkout Workflow for ASPIRE Galderma Rewards
Enrolling a Patient & Checking Points in ASPIRE Galderma Rewards
Enrolling a New Cherry Patient from the Patient Wallet
Enrolling Your Practice & Connecting an Active Cherry Account
Taking a Payment with Cherry
Evolus Quick Connect Rewards
Delete Bank Account (Stripe)
Add, Edit, or View the Invoice Disclaimer TextThis guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to add, edit, or view the invoice disclaimer text in Aesthetic Record.
Distributing Tips to Multiple Providers on a Single Invoice
Managing Patient Wallet Settings and Expirations
POS Quick ButtonsUtilize POS Quick buttons to streamline checkout by grouping frequently sold services, products, and packages.
Add a Custom Discount at CheckoutAesthetic Record enables pre-made discounts for frequently used discounts.
Refund Management For Invoices
Managing Bank Information
Accessing Cherry Reports in Business Insights
Turn on Point of SaleFollow this step by step guide to turn on Point of Sale (POS).
Manage the Cash DrawerThis guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to manage the cash drawer in Aesthetic Record.
Marking an invoice as Frontdesk Checkout and Checking out from the Web using Desktop TerminalThe provider can generate the invoice and send it to the Front Desk for check out for the patient to pay through the web or through the app
Check Out a Patient via the AR iOS AppWith POS enabled, you can take payments through the AR iOS app 1. From a patient's procedure 2. Without a procedure (Quick Pay).
Create a Package, BOGO, or $/% DiscountStep by step guide for creating a package, BOGO, $ or % discount.
Creating Your Client Loyalty Programs (Memberships)By following this guide, you can easily implement and manage client loyalty programs to enhance customer satisfaction and retention.
Manage InvoicesReview payment history (voiding, refunding, changing the employee on the invoice) and deleting a draft invoice via web or app.
Create, Sell, Redeem, and Resend an eGift CardHow to create an eGift card via the website, sell an eGift card via app or desktop terminal, resend an eGift card via email.
Exporting Sales Invoices For Payroll
Connecting and Troubleshooting the M2 and the WiFi Stripe ReaderThis guide provides a step-by-step process for attaching the Stripe Bluetooth & WIFI card reader to your account.
Set up & Use the Klarna Integration in the Aesthetic Record POSActivate Klarna for buy now / pay later options for patients.
Edit Membership Fees & Discounts for New & Existing MembersEdit fees and discounts associated to existing membership programs for patients already enrolled and prior to enrollment
Edit eGift Card Balance & Expiration
Using Text2Pay from Provider App & Web Portal